Twin Buttes  LbNA # 54859

OwnerHalf Empty    
Placed DateJul 31 2010
LocationBurgess Junction, WY
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jun 30 2013
Hike Distance?

** July 2014 Burgess Junction Visitor Center is closed this summer due to budget cuts. You can still access the box, but will have to walk from the road and cannot visit the Center. **

This letterbox is hidden at the Burgess Junction Visitor Center on Highway 14/14 Alt. in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. If you plan on visiting Yellowstone from the East you will most likely travel on Highway 14, passing through Cody and from there into the park. Both 14 (through Shell, Greybull) and 14 Alt. (through Lovell) will eventually take you to Cody and the park though most people stick to 14.

Before you get to Cody you'll be driving over the Bighorn Mountains and where 14 and 14 Alt. split apart you'll will find Burgess Junction. Just before Burgess Junction is the Visitor Center. The Visitor Center is open during the summer months but closed in the winter (the majority of the year in this area). It might be possible to retrieve the box in the winter but be aware that while 14 is plowed all winter the Visitor Center parking lot is not - and you don't want to pull in there when the snow is 4 feet deep!

So, you're at the Visitor Center - a nice place to stop, use the bathroom, look at the exhibits and find a letterbox. As you approach the Visitor Center, look to your left to see a periscope on top of a hill. There's a path leading up to this periscope so find it and walk up. As you walk up look for marmots. This little hill is a latticework of marmot (and ground chipmunk) burrows and this is one of the easiest places on the mountain to see them.

Once you reach the periscope, take a look at the view. Can you see the Twin Buttes? It would be hard to miss them.

From the periscope, walk 26 steps up the hill. Stop, and look right, or due west (you can use a compass if you like). You'll see a rock pile and behind it an aspen tree (a single tree, not the grove of aspen a little farther up the path). Leaving the path, 20 steps will take you around the rock pile, down a rock or two, through some prickly undergrowth to the base of the aspen tree. Here at the base is the letterbox, under a flat rock.

Please rehide it better than you find it!

There is a First Finder's prize waiting for the first finders.

If you like you can continue around the loop pathway to read the signs along the way. There's one about Black Mountain Lookout with a handy viewtube to show you where it's at. Did you know there's a letterbox up there? You should check it out before leaving the Bighorns!