Rothenbach Rhyme  LbNA # 54880

Placed DateAug 2 2010
LocationSarasota, FL
Found By EarlyRizr
Last Found Feb 23 2011
Hike Distance?
Last EditedNov 6 2015

Rothenbach Park (at the east end of Bee Ridge Rd.)

Home is where the hearth is, and that is where youíll start.

Then follow the path that divides young and old at heart.

Find the piece of a car that canít take you places, but is known to put a smile on kidsí faces.

On the side of a fork and actually quite near, are the spidery legs from where you must peer.

Feet firmly rooted in the arbory shade, look across the path to the see-saw being played.

Walk just beyond to the information place. Here is the map to the coveted space.

Is it a letter or an insect? Iím not quite sure,
but it points to the place where you dig in the floor.