Illahee State Park  LbNA # 54921

Placed DateAug 3 2010
LocationBremerton, WA
Found By Domino Rex
Last Found Aug 13 2012
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This letterbox has been replaced: 08/20/2014.

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A Message from the Washington State Parks Department - WAC 352-32-237.

1. Geocaches or Letterboxes may be placed on Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission managed property only by written permission from the Washington State Parks and Recreation Commission.

2. The following items shall not be placed in the Geocache or Letterbox: Food items; illegal substances; medications; personal hygiene products, pornographic materials; inappropriate, offensive, or hazardous materials or weapons of any type. Logbooks are required for each cache and are to be provided by the owner of the cache.

3. It is the visitor's responsibility to orient themselves with policies and rules pertaining to Washington State Parks areas.

4. Report any incident, problem, or violation to State Parks staff.

First of all, the Park Ranger(Steve) and Park Manager(Steve) of this park are fully aware of Geocaching and Letterboxing. Prior to the installation of this Letterbox, there were two Geocaches belonging to me. With the addition of this Letterbox, that completes the maximum allowable number of "caches" within this park. If you wish to place your own Letterbox within this park, you must first gain permission from either the Park Ranger or Park Manager, preferably the latter.

Begin your hunt by locating Illahee State Park on the Eastside of Bremerton. WA. It is located at the Eastern end of Sylvan Way, past Trenton Ave. Once you find the entrance, continue past the Park Ranger's Office and park at the next parking area on your Right.

1. Find the lonely bush(es) that have taken control of a Large Old Stump that can hardly be seen.

2. From there, go approximately 35 Paces to a very Lonely Fir Tree to the East.

3. Continue for approximately 45 Paces to the First Shelter built in 1937, now re-designed as a Covered Picnic area.

4. Nearby the shelter, you will see a Large Maple Tree Stump and a Large Cedar Tree about 10 Feet away.

5. Proceed Between the Tree and Stump and continue for about 42 Paces, until you arrive at a Bench. Take a break here, if you need one.

6. Just beyond the Bench, you will see Three Signs, displaying information about the local flora and fauna.

7. Look to your Right and you will see a Split-Rail Fence. Follow this fence for a short distance of approximately 24 Paces.

8. Soon, you should see an Old Rotted Stump approximately 2 to 3 paces off the trail to your Right.

9. Between that stump and a Bent Tree, you will find their Lazy Cousin wearing a Green Coat. What you seek is a Camouflaged Cylinder (with a Handmade Bat Stamp) at the Cousin's Feet.

Good Luck & Happy Hunting !!!

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