Box needs first aid - see comments in Status page The Pirate  LbNA # 5496

Placed DateSep 1 2003
LocationTreasure Island, FL
Found By N.E.R.D.
Last Found Apr 17 2016
Hike Distance?

September 7, 2009 The box is there.
Sept 2010 Yes it is still there.

The barrier island community known today as Treasure Island enjoyed an early history that included pirates, Indians and buried treasure.

Park in the Treasure Island Public Lot and walk North on the beach sidewalk. This sidewalk is behind the motels not the one that is on the street side. Continue until you reach the Sea Chest Motel.

Turn and face the gulf. Just to the left, there will be a cluster of 4 palm trees. Go around to the palm that is closest to the gulf. The pirate's treasure can be found at the base of this palm.

UPDATE Sept 7, 2009 We have received so many reports that are not true that need to be clarified.

The trees are not missing. If you think they are you're not in the right place.

You should not have to dig at all. If you dig you are not in the right place.

There are no big thorns in the area.

Any attempts listed prior to Sept 7, 20010 are just that, people that could not find the box. It is there as of 9/7/10.

There are three logbooks in the box. It is one of the older active boxes in Florida. Please leave the old logs in the box. Someone took the original log. This box has had about 80 more vistors than you will count in the current logs. They may be a little damp. That's Florida.

Yes the stamp has seen better days but it is still in what I think is good shape. After all it is over 6 years old and has gone through storms and lots of heat.

January 2012 The smashed box has been replaced. The stamp is still the original stamp so it is now 8+ years old.

August 2012 Someone didn't close the box and all original logs are now gone. New logbook. Yes the stamp is still ragged but original and 9 years old.

January 2015 Still the original stamp which is now over 11 years old.