Antrim's Lovelies  LbNA # 54995

Placed DateAug 7 2010
LocationColumbus, OH
Found By Sunday Morning
Last Found Aug 15 2010
Hike Distance?

Go to Antrim Park, walk under the bridge and turn right onto the walking loop. Follow the loop going beside the bike trail. When the bike trail curves to the right, follow the bike trail. Right before you get to the bridge on the right side you will find some foliage and a dead branch. Search under the branch to find a picnic pest. Be sure to cover the box well with the branch when you leave.
Get back on the walking loop and continue to the right around a curve. Up ahead on the left you will see 3 young trees that have been staked up and tied. Across from the third one you will see a log (this is on the right side of the path). Look beside the left side of the log under the bark and you will find #2., an insect often see as you walk the path.
Continue on the path until you come to a bench on the right side that is dedicated to Laura Ashley. Take the path behind it down and to the left. You will find 3 tree trunks together and #3 is in the middle of these trunks. It is another lovely creature often seen fliting around the park.
You have found all three and if you keep walking the loop to the right you will get back to where you started and will have walkied 1.2 miles!