Dog Lovers  LbNA # 55002

OwnerThe Snoopers    
Placed DateAug 7 2010
LocationBarberton, OH
Found By barbcat
Last Found Aug 27 2013
Hike Distance?

You can easily find Anna Dean Park by typing it in to Google Maps and it will give you directions to it. You will want to park on Dogwood Ln.

Anna Dean Park is a beautiful park very popular for dog walking. Start on Dogwood Ln. If you park there you can find 2 openings into the park. Take the 1 to the left. Walk and you will quickly come to a 4-way intersection continue going straight. You will pass a bench. Shortly after that bench you will come to a Y in the path, go to the right. Stop at the two benches. Here is where the “doggy playgroup used to go on in this park. At around 3 o’clock people of all ages would bring there dogs there to run around in the park while they talk. The playgroup casually ended when the person who started it died. Behind the benches where people sat is a dirt path. Take into the woods. 4 paces in (1 pace =2 steps) turn left. After 15 paces in that direction you will see a large rock. Pass that rock you will see a large tree. Walk to this tree and stop. Walk 10 paces pass the tree and stop. Around there should be a multitude of rocks. Now you should easily be able to find a tree with a 1 on it. At the bottom you will be able to find the 1st letterbox! Once you have stamped your book and my book please put it back carefully and hide it well. The stamp is my oldest dog Max. He enjoyed the doggy playgroup. Now return to the man trail. Go left. Continue walking until you come upon another Y in the path. Go left at the Y. Walk down this path until you see the bench you saw on your way in. Stop there. Behind this bench you will see a fallen down tree. Kids still enjoy climbing this tree . Don’t worry, you don't have to climb it. Just go to the tree. Walk under it and follow a dirt path. Soon you will come to a Y in the path, go to the left here. Walk until you find a V tree with a 2 on it. In the middle you will be able to find the 2nd letterbox! The stamp is my second dog named Murphy and he loves to climb things. He’s so hyper. He is a black lab mix. Now return to the main path by the bench. And go to the right (the direction back to where you parked) but when you come to the intersection
go to the left. Walk down this path for a while until you see on your right side a very obvious path to a large pile of sticks. This pile is here because some neighborhood children made a huge fort, but one of the people around this area went and chopped it all down. He thought it made the park look trashy. Walk passed this pile, from where you are standing you should be close to the road and can see through an opening a tan house. That’s good. By you there should be a large flat stump. At about 290 degrees you should see a large tree closer to the road then you are now. Go to it. Hidden under twigs and leaves you will find the 3rd and last letterbox! The stamp will be a picture of my 3rd and last dog, he is a Chihuahua . After your done stamping please hide it well. Thank you for doing it and please feel free to email me and tell me your experience and the condition of the letterbox. Thank you!!!