Little Fish in a Big Pond  LbNA # 5502 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 1 2003
LocationBerkeley, CA
Found By Jiggs
Last Found Jan 3 2004
Hike Distance?

From Berkeley, drive to Tilden Park's Little Farm. Pickup up a TILDEN PARK trail map at the environmental center. (make sure you don't mistakenly pick up a Wildcat Canyon map instead.)

Head up the ratty trail
Till memory fades.
Go NW young man.
The world's to big to be fenced in.
Beware of trolls.

this is the first letterbox planted by Esmecat and Javalord, hence the Little Fish (our box) in the big (letterboxing) pond. please let us know if you liked it!

NOTE: because i have had many people email me for additional clues on this, i have decided to mention here.... the box is NOT at the Jewel Lake boardwalk.

NOTE: this box was replaced and was active as of 8-12-2006