Horseshoe Lake  LbNA # 55022 (ARCHIVED)

OwnerParma 7    
Placed DateAug 5 2010
LocationKelleys Island, OH
Found By Sirius Star Gazer
Last Found Jul 9 2011
Hike Distance?

“Kelleys Island State Park East Quarry was part of a much larger quarry to the west of Division St. The Kelleys Island Lime and Transport Company began quarrying this area around 1933 and continued until 1940. The quarry started at Division Street and ended at the head of Horseshoe Lake. The quarried material was hauled west under a bridge on Division Street via a narrow gauge railway. Some of the tracks of the abandoned rail line can still be seen beneath the waters of the lake.

Horseshoe Lake is a rapidly aging lake abundant with plant, fish and aquatic life. Hikers and many wildlife species use the trails around the lake. The several miles of trails afford hikers a spectacular view of Kelleys Island’s trees, wildflowers, glacial markings and fossil preserves. The quarry at one time was the bottom of the Devonian Sea. Scattered throughout is a marvelous record of the marine, invertebrate animals, which abounded on the floor of the sea. Here you can find fossil remains of corals, brachiopods, gastropods, pelecypods, cephalopods, crinoids and stomato-poroids. Glacial scraping marks can also be seen on the upper edges of the quarry and an abundant variety of birds have been spotted from Horseshoe Lake."


Make your way to Kelleys Island and head North on Division St. Turn right on Ward Rd. The East Quarry’s main entrance is about a mile East of Division on Ward Road. Turn right into the small parking lot. Follow the trailhead towards Horseshoe Lake. As you near the lake the trail starts it’s loop around the lake. Follow the trail to your left. Pass a park bench on your right. The bench is dedicated to the memory of Kent Kroonemeyer. Continue along the trail passing a pair of young Eastern Red Cedar trees on your right. You should now be close to the “nail hole” of the horseshoe. (see diagram) Many of these trees can be seen around Horseshoe Lake. As you begin to get close to the “toe” of the horseshoe (see diagram) you will see many jagged rocks on the right hand side that are left over from when the quarry was mined. Just before you come to the “toe” you will see a metal surveryor’s post on your left side. Once you start heading west on the trail you will see a small trail on your right that leads to another stack of rocks. Take this short path to the top of the stack of rocks. While facing North look directly to your right and you will see a large, flat rock semi-buried in the ground. Go to this rock and beneath the Northern tip of this rock ,carefully concealed with other smaller rocks, you will have located this letterbox.

Be sure to carefully return the letterbox in its original location and conceal once again with rocks to ensure it may be found again by others.