Gouda (In-the-Shadow-of-the-Schools Series)  LbNA # 55050

Placed DateAug 5 2010
LocationMount Laurel, NJ
Found By The Nature Lady
Last Found Mar 26 2016
Hike Distance?
Last EditedDec 27 2015

Between a Rock (Church) & a Hard Place (School)
(Box: Gouda Planted: 8/10;
In-the-Shadow-of-the-Schools Series)

(…………...*Too bad it’s not “St Peter’s”. Oh well.)

It’s not Mt. Sinai. It’s not the Mount of Olives.
It’s the Mount of Laurels.

This town is blessed with a unique Parish Church which doubles as a Monastery.
This town is blessed with great walking paths that come right off
the Church’s Driveway.
This is Heaven for the Letterboxer!

These paths are between St John Neumann and Hartford School, which is on a street of the same name.

The school sits on the corner. Choose the non-namesake road and travel about 1/10 of a mile SW from the school.
School is on your right.

Enter Driveway on right. (St John N./Cistercian Monastery). Shortly on the right is a small Parking Lot.
(This is actually town acreage but they share a driveway.)

Park and come back to the driveway.
You can let your study of Middle School Geography or
your Guardian Angel guide you to the right. (As they say in Ireland, it's the 2nd "Zebra Crossing")

Walk a short ways to a path on the Right (not connected to Parking Lot). There’s usually a cone there.

Follow the path the without being “tempted” down the wrong one. (= 1st turn). You don’t want to end up in detention (school or spiritual!)

Soon you’ll be out of the light and into the woods but
fear not. Cross the bridge.

You’ve done Reading.
Writing will come in the Letterbox.
You need ‘Rithmatic here.
Walk about 139 steps (Rt1, Lt2, Rt3, Lt4).
Look Left. Line yourself up with the tree beautifully decked out in its Sunday Best (a pink ribbon)

Add about 15 steps into the tree.
The poor thing has branched out so far, it lost a limb.

Remove the top log and “open” the branch. Hallelujah! That’s a Gouda Box! (Sorry. Couldn’t resist!)
NOTE: The stamp has nothing to do with the Clues Theme. (Sorry!)

Please replace the log atop the other to keep it secure.

You can continue along the path.
Hang a right at the bench to go toward the Parking Lot.
Go straight and exit in the shadow of Hartford School,
go right and walk back to the driveway along the road or reverse along the path. (Path just ends at one point near Hartford.)

Highly recommended: Whether you’re religious or just like beauty, drive or walk along the driveway into the Monastery Grounds. Please maintain respect and noise levels.
Walk through the beautiful Garden around the pond.
Follow the arrows and find the star on the garage.
Open 8 am - 8 pm, open the door and visit the elaborate, interesting Nativity and its countryside.
Hit the light switch coming and going to
start/stop the narration.

Happy Hunting and God bless! Class dismissed!