Feta (In-the-Shadow-of-the-Schools Series)  LbNA # 55051

Placed DateAug 5 2010
LocationMount Laurel, NJ
Found By Mini Mouse
Last Found Aug 21 2010
Hike Distance?

(Box: Feta Planted: 8/10;
In-the-Shadow-of-the-Schools Series)

Gallop yourself on over to the town where
the Laurels grow on the Mount.

This town is home to several horse farms: Ev-Ry Farm, Caballo Creek, the former Blue Acres and others.
These examples are concentrated within
a mile of each other between
Walton Ave and Hainesport-Mt. Laurel Rd.

Slightly SW of this intersection is a tract called “Bridlewood”. Gaskill is your entrance.

(Parking: If you want a longer walk, (it’s on a busy road), park at Hillside School (if not in session);
park at Cucina Carini, (have a great lunch and then take the walk);
park on Gaskill either near H-MtL Rd or drive about 2/10 mile and park near the chain link fence.

In theory, you could drive w/in <100’ of the box. Mostly accessible by wheelchair/stroller/roller skates, etc.)

Because you must pass through and park in a residential area, please be respectful of the homes, noise level, trash, etc. Thank you!

“Run” to the red-chestnut color found on many beautiful horses. Grab the right rein there. (Begins w/"S")

Don’t Ride on Ridings.
Don’t Chase the Yearling.
Don’t hold on to your Pommel.

WHOA, Bessie! What’s that?
A perfect trail for a ride into the cool woods?
It’s even lit for night! Let’s ride!
Once over the Bridge find the first streetlight.
Walk about 30 steps (Rt1, Lt2, Rt3, Lt4)

Time to give your mount a rest.
Tie her up on the right to the double, v-shaped tree.
From this tree, walk about
40 steps (Rt1, Lt2, Rt3, Lt4) slightly NW. It really depends on how much ground cover and logs you have to traverse!Pass several logs.

Horses don’t normally lie down and neither do trees….except this one’s looking very tired.
Think Genealogy: take this tree back to its roots!
Hi-Ho Silver!
NOTE: The stamp has nothing to do with the Clues Theme. (Sorry!)

If you get to the “Triangle Tree”. or "jump" the mossy log, you’ve gone too far.

You can extend your “Ride” by
continuing along the “trail” and loop around or return.

Happy Trails and Hunting to you! Gd’up!