Placed DateAug 10 2010
Found By lollipop gang
Last Found Aug 21 2011
Hike Distance?

Difficulty: easy
Stamp: Handmade
Note: No fee or restricted hours to find the letterbox

John Holtsberry was the first settler in Buckeye Lake.  His house was originally built  around 1780. It was originally located behind the little family dinner on Walnut Street.   It was moved piece by piece to where it is now located .  It is full of things from that era and is still much like it was when he lived there. You can tour the home and learn  more about Holtsberry by visiting the Buckeye Lake Museum.

The Buckeye Lake Museum has over 1,000 artifacts from several counties.   There is a lot to learn about the Ohio Erie Canal and you can even have a free antique  1800  canal spike from the canal lock .  They will direct you to see an actual part of the canal still filled with water, oh  yeah, and fish so bring your fishing pole.  There is much to see and read about the Buckeye Lake Amusement Park.  You can  play a game of skee ball.  You can  take a picture while sitting  in a rocket car from the original ride that once was at the amusement park. The museum is open Tuesday - Sunday 1-4 admission is a donation of $4.00.

From May -Oct. on Saturday and Sunday you can take a tour of Buckeye Lake on the Queen of The Lake, a 40 passenger pontoon boat.  It departs  North Shore Buckeye Lake State Park, just  down the road, home of another letterbox. It departs at 2:00. The cost  is $10.00 a ticket and can be purchased at the boat.Other tours are available by calling 740-929-1998.

By calling the above number you can take a tour of the famous, one of a kind, Cranberry Bog.  It is a floating  island that began thousands of years ago. Today it is one of Ohio’s 134 state nature preserves. There are rare orchids, carnivorous  plants and cranberries growing on the island .  There is a no -wake zone around the island to help reduce the decay. It was once 20 acres  but  now less than 10 acres remain. If  the decay remains at this rate it will gone in another 40 years.Keep checking back who knows a letterbox my just end up on the bog.

Directions.: From I-70 exit Buckeye Lake route 79 south.  Stay on route 79, Buckeye Lake Museum is on the left.Clues: Park in parking lot in front of the museum. Look for a brick in memory of a mother of 8.  Walk around the flag pole, take time to read the historical marker. Head back down the side walk in front of the museum.  If time allows check out the cool stuff inside the museum.  Walk toward a big pile of flint rock outside. Tour the log cabin. Look for a  place where the moon is always out.   Could that be ole John Holtsberry?   Look over  his left shoulder to find what your looking for.

Have fun! Be sly, don't get caught! Would love to hear if you found it. Let us know it the box  needs attention at: bboating@hotmail.com