Crown Hill Bears  LbNA # 55083

OwnerGran's Little Cubs    
Placed DateAug 11 2010
LocationTwinsburg, OH
Found By MickeyMouse
Last Found Mar 9 2013
Hike Distance?

Crown Hill Cemetery
8592 Darrow Road
Twinsburg,Ohio 44087
As you enter the main gate,the non-functioning fountain will be in front.Take the road to the right followed by a left.Now the fountain will be on your left.Continue on this road til it ends in front of the pond and make a right.Continue on this paved road and make a left over the bridge followed by a right at the green 33 sign.Park in front of the black wrought iron gates.Walk through the gates.Pass the TOGETHER FOREVER bench.Go down 10steps and visit with George and Jeanette awhile.Go back up 3 steps.Look to your right and find the largest,fattest tree in the circle.Go to that tree and turn left.Find the 4th bush in from the right.Below it,in the stone wall,just to the right,are 4 flat stones on top of each other.Remove the top 2 and find what you seek! Be discreet and rehide carefully.Return to your car and start your search for LB2!!
Get yourself turned around and head back the way you came.Turn left over the bridge with an immediate right onto the paved road.At the first right,turn and go along the outside of the pond.You will see the TOTH monument on your left.Take the next right,you will see the green 47 sign followed by the green 48--47 sign on the right.The Dooley bench will be on the right also.As the road bears to the left,take the next left onto a deadend gravel road.You will now be heading toward the front of the cemetery.You should see a brick wall with 5 red bushes on each side.Park here. Walk around the wall.You will be facing "The Last Supper".On the left is a large rock.Behind it is a group of smaller rocks--look under these for LB2!!!