CLAPS Letterbox - Beware o' Pirates!  LbNA # 55085

Placed DateJul 7 2010
LocationClear Lake City, TX
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Arr, me hearty. So ye landlubbers be wantin' t' go to sea an' ye thinkin' ye be plunderin' Cap'n Bullfrog's booty, do ye? Avast! If ye don't be wantin' t' end up in Davy Jones' Locker after walkin' the plank, than ye best be leavin' t' belay yer crazy thoughts!

But if ye be drinkin' too much grog and decidin' t' unfurl yer Jolly Roger an' t' go on th' account anyways, like th' grand scallywag ye be, than ye might just end up with th' motherload, a smiley, o'course.

Forewarned ye be... as we knows yer after th' treasure. Ne'er let yer guard down! Be keepin' yer eyes out for us gentlemen o' fortune, an' keep yer eyes on yer furner the whole time! 'N remember, only a squiffy would be bringin' sprogs or less than a squadron t' tempt yer fates.

Don't be lettin' yer swashbucklin' get the best of ye on yer adventures, as greed o'er pieces o' eight will be bringin' ye t' the sweet trade before ye knows it. And ye may lay to that!


Using a kayak, canoe, or raft, put in at the boat launch at Bay Area Park. No motorized boats are allowed here. Paddle under the Bay Area Blvd. bridges. From the 2nd bridge, keeping mid-channel, paddle upstream.

About .65 miles along the way you will see a stream off to your left (west) for drainage from a subdivision. There are rectangle concrete drainage tubes passing through the ground to let the water into the bayou. Continue paddling upstream, and keep to the right to avoid a 'lagoon' with no outlet.

Just a little over a mile from the 2nd bridge, you will encounter a trail marker, marker #23. From here you'll paddle west about a quarter mile. At that point, if you keep heading west you will go into another 'lagoon'. The bayou turns north at that point for another bend.

Keep paddling west into the lagoon. On the south side towards the rear, look for a dead tree standing in the water. Most of the vertial part of the tree only goes half way around the tree's circumference. A few feet above the water is a 'shelf' in the tree -- and grasses are growing out of it. The letterbox is behind the grass sitting on this 'shelf' in the tree.

This letterbox is listed as a letterbox hybrid on as GC2BD1M.