Mtn. Rd. - Crump Park  LbNA # 5513 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 25 2003
LocationRichmond, VA
Found By (hidden)
Hike Distance?

Compass needed. Path is relativly flat. Should take about 30-40 minutes. Bug spray may be useful. Trails will be very wet for several days after rain.

Crump Park is on Mountain Road not too far from the I-295 and Staples Mill Interchange. From I-295, take Staples Mill Rd. south, turn left on Mountain Rd. Park will be 1 1/2 miles on left.

When you drive into the park, pass the playground lot, go past the turn off for RF& P Park (there is a letterbox in this park) and park in the Meadow Farm Museum lot.

There are three letterboxes in this park. The first two do not have a logbook. The logbook is in the third letterbox.

Start in front of the Sheppard Home. Find a hiking trail to the west and take it. You will pass beside the sheep pen on the left and then enter the woods.

Cross small bridge.

At fork, go left.

Cross another small bridge.

When the trail makes a left turn stop at the post with the number 14. Facing this post, look into the woods at about 150 degrees for two fallen trees that form an X. Under some bark where the trees cross, you will find a stamp with an occupation that helped run the farm.

Return back to the path and continue.

You will eventually come to an area with only pine trees and 3 benches.

In the middle of the three benches spot a path at 180° and take it.

After you cross a bridge take ten steps. You should see a horse stable ahead and to the left. There will be a path to the right. Take this path.

You will pass a white oak on the left.

At the fork go right and cross small bridge.

After you cross the bridge go left. You should see a small pond ahead on the right.

You will come to a four way intersection. Go straight and head for the white fence.

At the Shepphard cemetery, take a right. You will eventually come to an ice pit on the right and a bench on the left.

Take ten steps past the bench and you will see some logs on your left. Look under the far side of these logs and you will find a stamp with a picture on one of the current residents of the farm.

Return to the path and head back to the cemetery.

At the cemetery, take a left.

At the four way intersection, take a right.

You will eventually come out to a large pond. Follow the tree line to the right.

Cross two bridges and continue following the tree line.

Eventually you will come to an exercise trail. Follow this path into the woods.

Cross bridge.

At the fork, go left.

Stop at the slippery elm.

At 30°, locate a fallen log about ten feet long. Between the fallen log and the hickory tree you will find a stamp with another occupation that kept the family busy.

To return to your car, return to beginning of exercise trail, take the road back to the parking lot.