Kayak the Que  LbNA # 55141

Placed DateAug 4 2010
LocationQuemahoning Dam, Boswell, PA
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Hike Distance.1 mi
Last EditedApr 22 2016

Kayak the Que

Enjoy a day on the pristine Quemahoning Lake. Bring a picnic lunch and your kayak or boat (no motors allowed here). Take Route 219 north to the Stoystown-Jennerstown exit. Then take Rte. 30 towards Jennerstown for only a few hundred yards and turn right onto Green Bridge Rd.(state route 4010). You will pass the BJ Maurer Ford dealership. Travel this road until you come to a stop sign and turn rt. Then follow the road to the dam.
Park in the lot by the Green Bridge or when you see the dam turn right and go the load and unload pull off which is only a hundred yards up the road. Drop your kayaks here.
Carry your kayaks to the dam and stand at the edge of the water. With a compass, sight in 120 degrees East and follow that heading. You will see a large tree at the edge of the water that "stands out" in the distance (a stack of stones is at the base of the tree). To the right of that tree will be a smaller one which has a vivid trunk. You can see it plainly with a landing area on its right. Beach your kayak here. You will enter between two trees about 10' apart. This is the gateway. You will see a tree about 10 paces (a pace being 3') straight ahead. You will know this is the correct tree by looking at the back of the tree and seeing a silver dragonfly tacked to it. Important!! Position yourself looking at the front of the tree... to your left you will see a trail. Follow the trail until you see a large tree with stones piled at its base (a dragonfly will be tacked to this tree also as a clue that this is the correct tree). Also at the base of the tree will be a line of rocks pointing in the direction where you will find the letterbox. It is hidden under a tree stump about 15' away. After you find it, replace all stones or branches if disturbed. Thank you and good luck.