Doves and Lambs  LbNA # 55167

Placed DateAug 17 2010
LocationTrenton, ME
Found By FelixPezGirl
Last Found Aug 2 2015
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This box is dedicated to the memory of Thomas and Sarah Dark. They lived in a time of horrible illness and less than knowledgeable doctors. This poor couple lost 5 children, three lost in a span of only three months. The little ones' graves are marked with doves and lambs.

Addie- April 1863 - 5 years old
Elizabeth- May 1863 - 8 years old
George- June 1863 - 2 years old
Luella- Oct 1866 - 18 months old
Bertha- Dec 1874 - 7 months old

The dove on the graves is the stamp, though not my best work, eerily, it would just not come out right, even though I was carving a simple dove.


Find the Leland Cemetery in Trenton:Heading south on Rt 3, approx 0.1miles after the Trenton Elementary School on your right, across from Sunrise, Acadia Sunrise Motel. Turn right, following signs for parking at the Trenton Baptist Church. Continue straight through the back to the cemetery. Take the cemetery road on the right. Follow it as it turns left. Look straight ahead to the 2 tallest evergreen trees. Go to them. At their base, to the right, is an old mangled remain of a tree. The letterbox is between the remains' 2 trunks, under a log.

IF you continue around the loop and out, the doves and lamb above will be almost the last ones on the left as you drive out, on the left of the stone marked Woodbury Leland.