Gooble Gobble's Grand Galavant  LbNA # 55194

OwnerGooble Gobble    
Placed DateOct 11 2009
Location???, MN
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You are about to embark on a harrowing journey through xxxxxxx xxxxx xxxxxx xxxx. I have strategically placed six letterboxes in this park so that you can experience all that it has to offer. You will go from hardwood forest, to pine forests, to prairies and back on your quest.

The hiding spots of almost all of these boxes have been “enhanced” so to speak. That is to say, excavated in most cases to make sure these boxes are, for the most part, invisible, even when standing right next to them. I wanted to eliminate the “I was 30 feet away from the box and knew where it was hidden” type of plant. Please help others to experience the same sense of frustration you will hopefully go through trying to find these boxes.

PLEASE take special note of how the box came out of the hiding spot and MAKE SURE it gets back Exactly as you found it.

You will most likely get dirty hands, or dirty knees or dirty whatever when removing these boxes and re-hiding them.

There is some SERIOUS bushwhacking involved in locating some of the boxes. Be cognizant of your surroundings and watch out for thorn bushes, etc.

I hope you enjoy what I’ve created. It was a lot of fun deciding what to carve and where to plant. It’s a beautiful park; enjoy the day doing something we all love.

Special Note: There are 2 boxes that were at the “Something Wicked This Way Comes Gathering”; if you were there you might already have these boxes.

Your journey will start to the left of the pavilion. Take the paved trail by the lake until you get to the first path on your right. It will be a little sandy at the bottom. Go up this path until you are standing even with a red-capped pipe on your left. Take 19 steps up the faint social trail in front of you then stop. Go 19 more steps on a bearing of 187 degrees. You will now be standing with a large tree at your left shoulder. Take 14 steps on a heading of 200 degrees to a moss covered log. You should know what to do next to uncover Autumn Boy. Be gentle with the log, it opens like a treasure chest. Make sure to encase him very well again.

Go back to the paved trail and take a right. Enjoy the beautiful scenery on your way to visit Punks Un-Dead. Take notice of the changing forest type and topography as you walk for a while. You will come to a pine forest eventually, stay on the paved path. Continue on until you see a blue A on your left and a Red A on your right. Follow red. Stay to the left in the clearing and cross the paved path. Find twins on the edge of the path on the left. Standing with your back to the trail with the twins on your right shoulder go to the tree you spot at 350 degrees. Watch out for thorns. Once at this tree stand with your right shoulder to the tree and spot another tree at 340 degrees. With this tree at your right shoulder go to the twin on front of you at 354 degrees. With the twins at your right spot the fallen tree at 290 degrees. Search the “X”. Make sure to replace everything you took off this box, it’s really in there. If you can’t find it at first, keep trying. It really is there.

Back to the paved path and take a left. You will come to a prairie once you leave the pine forest. This park changes environments quickly. Keep going until you come to a dirt/grass path that crosses the paved trail. There will be a Do Not Enter sign on your right and the path will go down a small hill and to the left on your left. From the middle of this crossroads take 130 steps down the paved trail. The path will curve left, then right. Stop at a small bush on your left right before the path curves right again. On your left find 4 small trees with corrugated black plastic around their bases. Stand in the middle of the middle two trees. Take 33 steps on a bearing of 246 degrees (if you could follow a straight line that is. There are a few things blocking your path, you’ll have to estimate, I did). You will be at guess what? That’s right, a tree. With this mystery tree at your back take 29 steps on a heading of 215 degrees. Between two moss covered rocks you’ll find Autumn Girl wedged in tight. Please wedge her back in there and cover her just like you found her.

Go back to the paved trail and go right. Take a left when you come to the Do Not Enter sign and follow this path through the prairie. You’ll know you’re getting close to the next box when you see a small clearing on the right before the trail goes uphill and to the left. The path will level out and then go uphill and to the right (in the pine trees again). At the intersection after post #9 with a blue A go right. Standing in the middle of the path with sign post #9 on your left take 25 steps down the small hill and stop. Turn 90 degrees to your right and go into the woods on a heading of 52 degrees to two downed pines. Search in between the two trees to un-earth The Keeper Of The Flame. Once again, PLEASE respect the way these boxes are hidden and re-hide it the same way you found it. It should look as if nothing is there.

Back to the path take a left up the small hill and a right when you get to the top. Do not go skiing, but take the path anyway to the left. On the left you’ll soon see one of my favorite parts of this hike. The pines on the left towering over the prairie are a nice contrast. It was a beautiful day when I was here planting these and I hope the sun is shining for you. Continue on until the “T” at A5. You want to head away from the rainbow. There are many signs here, go left on 4. The path curves right, then left, then right again. Before the path curves right the 2nd time spot a tree on the right side of the path that hangs over the path completely. Count 158 steps to a large tree on the left side of the path. Face the tree and take a reading of 120 degrees and find the sleeping giant. Search deep, the Echthroi is in there. Please put it back deep and cover it up well.

Continue down the path until you see a tree with a large growth on it. The growth looks a little like an orangutans face and will be about 10’ feet off the ground. The tree is on a path that is not the path that you are on. Take this trail to the left. Follow this trail until you see a tree with the same style of growth on it as the “orangutan” tree. The tree will be on your left and this growth will be about 5’ off the ground and much smaller than the orangutan growth. Directly to your right will be a large, gnarled oak tree 10 feet off the path. Stand with the split in this large oak tree on your right shoulder. Take 19 steps on a bearing of 47 degrees to another gnarly tree. With the gnarly tree on your left shoulder spot the fallen tree at 40 degrees 20 steps away. Look under the “shelf” of this tree for Nyarlathotep: The Crawling Chaos. One last time, tuck this box back up where you found it. Don’t be afraid to get dirty.

Go back to the trail and take a left. When you get to the “T” take a left and follow this trail out of the woods. You’ll know where you are soon enough.

Thank you for taking the time to find these boxes. I hope you enjoyed them as much as I did when creating and planting them.

Gooble Gobble

What's that? You want to know where the park is? How dare you even ask! Here's a couple clues for you, don't ask me for more, you won't get them.

Chantey Coppice Couloir Dump