Miceli Series- The Green Fairy Flies to Tunxis Tra  LbNA # 55211

Placed DateAug 19 2010
LocationBarkhamsted, CT
Found By Trailhead Tessie
Last Found May 6 2012
Hike Distance?

Tunxis Trail
Rt 219, near Hillcrest Dr.
Barkhamsted CT

Directions to Tunxis Trail
• From CT-72 West: Take Exit 1 onto CT-177/N Washington St. Take a right at the end of the ramp onto N Washington St, following CT-177. Turn slight left onto CT-4/Main St. Stay straight onto Canton Rd/CT-179. Turn right onto Bridge St./CT-179. Turn left onto River Rd/CT-179. This road will turn into Cherry Brook Rd. and N. Canton Rd. Take a left onto Hillcrest Dr. Take a left onto Rt. 219. Immediately, you will see a blue Tunxis Trail sign on your right and parking on the left side of the road. Coordinates 41degrees 55’34”N 72 degrees 55’31”W

The Green Fairy Flies to Tunxis Trail

The Green Fairy is flying all across Connecticut to visit her friends.

Today she visited Tunxis Trail to visit the Black Baby Ant. When you find the Black Baby Ant’s house, there will be a letterbox as well as some fairy dust to sprinkle! Good luck!

This hike gets a little rocky and steep at times. There are a lot of mossy rocks, I wouldn’t recommend this when the ground is wet.
• From the parking area, follow the blue trail blazes onto the trail.
• Soon you will pass between 2 large boulders.
• Follow the blue blazes, you will pass between a tall boulder on your left and a short one on your right.
• Follow the trail up a steep hill.
• Toward the top, you will pass under two trees on either side of the trail that intertwine above you.
• Follow the blue blazes down a series of descents.
• Pass through a pine forest with pine needles and cones for groundcover.
• Walk over a fallen tree across the path with 2 “eyes” on top.
• Pass over a smaller fallen tree across the path.
• The path will soon split, follow the blue blazes as it curves to the right.
• Soon after, the trail will split again. Stay to the left (straight).
• Pass through a swampy area and over a 3 log bridge.
• Follow through a fern grove and up a hill.
• At the top of the hill will be a 4 sister tree on your right next to the path. 41 degrees 55’11”N 72 degrees 55’58”W
• Look inside the 4 sister tree and see what the Green Fairy left!

You can continue on the trail if you’d like, soon you will need to cross a road and follow the blue blazes. We hiked for about a half hour more along here and came to a beautiful overlook!
Please email if there are any problems with the letterbox: jolenemiceli@cox.net