Grimes or Splawn  LbNA # 55224

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateAug 19 2010
LocationIdaho City, ID
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jul 14 2013
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Placed by A-bear on August 19, 2010

Directions: Find the nice Idaho City Visitorís Center on State Highway 21 and park at the front.

Planted in honor of Donna whose business (next door to the Visitorís Center) burned down only 2 days before we visited the area. We had no idea that this happened before we arrived, but were so touched by the small community pulling together to wish her well at this very picnic spot as we visited.

Description: In order for this box to last through the ages, I recommend you bring a nice picnic blanket, picnic and more flat river rocks to enjoy out back. If open, check out the visitorís center store on your right and restrooms on the left. Proceed to sit out back on the far right corner of the picnic patio to the left of the support beam. Set your blanket up right at your feet since this picnic area was booming while we were there and enjoy the much coveted shade. Once youíre nice and settled grab your flat river rocks to admire while enjoying your picnic. Next spy the long flat rock under the spot where you recently sat. Remove it to reveal what you seek. Use some of the river rocks you brought to add them further back in the slot so the box wonít wash away when the snow come. Replace the box and then the flat river rock to cover well so this box wonít go missing.

History: Historians say that George Grimes and Moses Splawn were coleaders in finding gold in the Boise Basin area back in August of 1862. Some claim that it was actually Moses Splawn who KNEW previously that there would be gold in the area, but Grimes got the credit and CREEK name because he was shot only a week after they discovered the gold. I canít decipher from the picture who actually discovered the gold, but it just might be Splawn instead of Grimes. Iíll let you decide. Happy boxing.