the Creature Hideout  LbNA # 55272

Ownerthe aliens    
Placed DateAug 22 2010
CountyPrince William
LocationTriangle, VA
Found By the aliens
Last Found Sep 30 2013
Hike Distance?


PLACED: 8/22/2010
STATE: Virginia
County: Prince William
Number of boxes: One

Clue: prince William forest park
I parking lot
Algonquin trail

As you gaze at the forest floor,
Do you see the hidden door?
Walking slow and stepping light,
Donít get spooked and run in fright.
Do what we say and you wonít get wet,
Wandering off is not a safe bet.
Crossing footbridges, and walk boards too,
Youíll see ferns and not just a few.
When you come to the creek, youíll see a post,
The hard part is to come, so donít raise a toast.
Walking left, 20 paces from the old miners sign,
Youíll cross our creek, I hope in time.
On the far side a submerged post at this spot,
Youíre on track, so no need to trot.
Now youíre on the South Valley Trail.
Go the right way or for sure youíll fail.
Heading towards a, b, and c,
Go the wrong way and a troll youíll see.
Hiking along this beautiful stream,
Stay on the path, no reason to scream.
Soon you start to feel that thrill,
As you hug the very edge of a hill.
As you enter a valley, look around,
Large Beech trees soon abound.
Now as you start up this great big hill.
Of hiking we know youíll soon have your fill.
At the top, you can look all around.
A stump with a gash, we hope youíve found.
As you walk 240 degrees, leave no trace,
A forest giant awaits at the 80th pace.
From there, 100 steps, to the old wagon road.
270 degrees, and donít step on a toad.
Now go 20 paces north, at least,
Or you find nothing or maybe a beast.
Come alone if you dare,
Or come along as a pair.
Climb 25 steps east up the hill,
Find our little Beach tree, to feel the thrill.
First know whatís at stake,
You donít want to make a deadly mistake!
Deep inside this fine little tree,
Youíll find what makes you just like me!

Thanks, Dan and Linda