Manta Diablo/ The Black Pearl  LbNA # 55304

Placed DateJul 13 2010
CountyCape May
LocationCape May, NJ
Found By Z_Crew
Last Found Nov 8 2011
Hike Distance?
Last EditedSep 22 2015

Letterbox Clues:

First you must find nature’s center (it’s in Cape May)

Look for the Eagle Scout Project….Congratulations Troop 73!

Pass the boundary of the garden of oysters (there is a sign right there,you’ll know when you see it)

Next find the laboratory that is full of fish (in the summer, at least)

Walk steadily past the shade and herb gardens…you might find a whale by a cluster of stones

Take a look at that winking tree! How strange it is. How weird.

When you find the winking tree, turn to face the brown cabin.

Go down the small slope and into the bowl there you will find the pit of fire. (have you ever been to a marshmallow roast?)

Climb up the yellow banded steps to the deck

Turn right on deck. Look at that great view of Cape May Harbor! Quite beautiful, isn’t it?

Turn left, and left again. Come to the ramp and take it down from the deck

You might feel you are going in circles, and in a sense you are….but your goal is not far!

Go to the end of the concrete path…do not turn left

Tucked beneath the graveyard of shells and bones reaching across the barrier between you and it…your prize awaits!