Secret of the Reservoir  LbNA # 55306

Ownerhide and seek    
Placed DateAug 25 2010
LocationKent/Brimfield, OH
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Directions: Your destination is Mogadore Reservoir.
Exit 76 east or west on the exit for Country Road 18 and go east on Tallmadge Road.
Turn right onto Sunnybrook Road and pass Sunnybrook Golf Course on your left.
Turn left onto Old Forge Road. Look for a gravel road on your right across the street from a feed and corn farm. If you make it to the light, you have gone too far.
Pull your car off to the side at the first pull off section on the right and park there.

Clues: Please bring your own ink

Take the path on the left by the tree with the blue mark.
Continue along the path up a hill and back down the other side.
Pass a small path on the left by a tree with a section of missing bark.
You will come across a clearing where you can see water through the trees to the right.
As soon as you reach the end of the clearing, look ahead to spy the eye of the needle. (Hint: it is a lighter color than the things around it)
After you pass the eye of the needle, count two small paths on the right. Take path number two, the one with the roots.
Go over and under.
Turn left.
It’s behind the lonely log.

Please hide the box well when you are done.

This is our first hidden letterbox, so please reply if you find it. We would really enjoy feedback.

As always, be careful for poison ivy and bring some bug spray...also a fishing pole wouldn’t be a bad idea. (You won’t need it to find the letterbox, but you will be in a nice area to sit and catch some fish)