Miss Rumphius Strikes Again!  LbNA # 55332 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 20 2010
LocationCape Elizabeth, ME
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While traveling through the state of Maine, you will often see huge patches of wild Lupine flowers smattering the landscape. (Miss Rumphius, by Barbara Cooney, is a delightful fictional story of how this lovely flower came to be so prolific in our state. It is fun to read this prior to your search.)

Take Rt. 77 to Kettle Cove. (You will see a garden shop on one side of the road and an ice cream stand on the other. The road at the ice cream stand is Kettle Cove.) Follow this road down to the left to the end and park your car in the parking lot. Take the trail to the left of the lot (facing the ocean). Along the path, you will go over three boardwalks – keep going until you come to the end. Take the path to the left, and follow until you come to a large tree on your right. Facing the tree, turn 180 degrees. Go down the hill of the path you see. Keep watch on your right for two large rocks that look like fallen trees. At the 2nd large rock, under the arch, look for a craggy tree. Behind that tree is what you seek.

(Note: I usually hand carve my stamps, but I found this in a store and couldn’t resist.)