Aruba Beach Series - Sea Breeze  LbNA # 55363

Placed DateAug 21 2010
LocationNatural Pool, ARU
Planted ByAjan P's    
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If you dare to really increase your Aruba experience, you must rent a 4x4 and go to the Natural Pool. You can be rewarded with an adventurous ride, some snorkeling fun and a sea breeze. When you follow the steps down the hill to the Natural Pool you will notice large rocks that you have to walk around to the right to enter the water. If you stand back and look between the rocks there is a smaller steeper entrance in between the rock crevasse. Climb up this entrance and half way to the waters edge where the crevasse gets wider look to the right, about waist high tucked between the rocks and covered by other smaller rocks you will find what you seek. Please put it back the way you found it to secure its place if the sea breeze increases during a storm.