Iowa Lake  LbNA # 55366 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateMay 10 2010
LocationHarris, IA
Found By Walkabout
Last Found Sep 22 2011
Hike Distance?

Iowa Lake is a nice, small, secluded, little area that my husband found by accident looking for places to hide his geocaches. Good places for me to hide my letterboxes also. :)

This is also a quick letterbox to find. I ask that you follow the clues so as not to leave an obvious trail to the box. You will understand....:)

From Harris go 1 mile west on A18 (140th st in Harris)

Go North on White Ave
This road will take you right to the parking lot of Iowa Lake. There is a small pinic shelter there to enjoy if so desisred. Only an outhouse for a restroom. The lake is nice and there is a rustic trail along the lake you might want to hike a little on since you drove all the way out there. Haha!

So from the parking lot, look to your left and see the row of trees...follow that row of trees until you come to a post with a bird house on it. Facing that post turn to your left and go 16 paces to a small tree.

The letterbox is hidden near the base of that tree through the fence. You might want to bring a stick to poke around in there, the grass is very tall in the summer. You can safely reach the box from this side of the fence.

This is one of my favorite stamps i've carved so far. It looks good colored in later if you want.

Update: May 28th 2014, box is great shape, but found out there is a geocache close by. I might move my box in the future is problems arise. Please try to rehide under grass and as far around the tree/post that you can and maybe that will help. Thanks!!