Stephenson Canyon - Part 2  LbNA # 55381

Placed DateAug 29 2010
LocationBremerton, WA
Found By Lunchbox
Last Found Mar 19 2016
Hike Distance?

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Begin in downtown Bremerton, WA. and go across the Warren Ave. Bridge.

Take the Clair Ave. exit, the very first one off the bridge and continue around and down to Lebo Blvd.

If you missed that exit, take the Callahan Ave. exit to Lower Wheaton way, turn Right and go to Lebo Blvd.

Once you have turned Right onto Lebo Blvd. continue under the bridge to the next street on the Right.

Now turn Right onto Juniper St. and continue uphill to the next street and turn Left.

Continue onto the next street on the Right, which should be Morrision Ct., to the dead end.

Park your car somewhere near the Dedication plaque for Cliff McKensie, go to it and read it's inscription.


When you are ready, look around the perimeter of the park and locate the Morrison Ct. Trailhead sign.
There is a trail to the Right of it. Start walking up the trail to a "Y" and take the left branch.
Continue along this trail until you come to some steps the go uphill at a steeper level.
When you come to three lonely step, go to the top of them and look around at the trees nearby.
You might ask yourself the question of: "Y" oh "Y" is that Maple standing there all by itself?
Only the Large Fir tree, standing at the edge of the trail, knows the answers to all of your questions.

Good Luck & Happy Hunting!