A Butterfly Named Friendship  LbNA # 55382

OwnerDaisy Poo    
Placed DateMar 21 2010
LocationBrenham, TX
Found By lankin's purple monkeys
Last Found Mar 15 2011
Hike Distance?

This box was placed for two very special girls. They had just learned about letterboxing. After their first find we knew this would be the perfect way to celebrate their birthdays! So two months later we placed 4 letterboxes around downtown Brenham and had one of the best birthday parties two 9 year olds could ever wish for!

A Butterfly named Friendship

Friendship, Friendship is such a perfect blendship. When other friendships have been forgot, ours will still be hot.

Friendship was a caterpillar that our birthday girls found at the park. It started a long lasting companionship. It truly was the spark. Friendship turned into a butterfly on a beautiful summer day. It opened its colorful wings and gracefully flew away. You will find their letterbox at the place where Friendship got its start. This place will always bring memories and be special in our hearts.

This box can be found at Fireman's Park. From the Washington County Courthouse Gazebo go North on E. Alamo 1 blk. to South Baylor Street. Turn left. Go 2 long blks to MLK St. and turn right. Go 1 blk to Market Street and turn left. The road will curve and lead you straight to Fireman's Park.

Find the wavy slide and go down it. Walk to the fence in front of you and look to the right. The box can be found under some rocks and dirt where the fence meets the stone house.

Please replace carefully.