Townsend Tunnel  LbNA # 55387

Placed DateAug 29 2010
LocationTownsend Ave and Park Hill Cir., Urbandale, IA
Found By Skeppist
Last Found Aug 13 2011
Hike Distance?

Townsend. This used to be the “town’s end” at one time, and now it’s an unassuming suburban street. That is unless you know of the Townsend Challenge. As the back exit to the local high school this street used to find teens, filled with youthful invincibility, try to drive as fast as possible on the straight stretch next to the soccer fields. Each reckless youngster bragging about the highest speed they got.

This letterbox is to honor two things. First, the Urbandale Police Department for putting an end to the Townsend Challenge by having a patrol car parked on Park Hill Circle during dismissal time. And second, it honors Townsend Tunnel, allowing pedestrians to cross the street, safe from speedy motorists. Stamp commemorates the latter.

Although not a true HHH this box is a favorite amongst hitchhikers.

Directions from 80/35:
(Please note this is from 80/35 that circumvents town NOT 235 that goes through the heart of Des Moines) Take 86th Street exit, south. Left on Meredith, right on Parkview, left on Townsend, drive a half block and stop. You are on top of the tunnel. Look to the left of the south entrance, ankle height, against the wood retaining wall.

Directions from Des Moines: The tunnel is under Townsend, in between Parkview and Park Hill. Look to the left of the south entrance, ankle height against the wood retaining wall.

Please hide well. The leaves die off in the winter so could be exposed. Happy hunting. Drive safe.