Snake, Bird, and Beaver  LbNA # 55410

Placed DateAug 30 2010
LocationUrbandale Public Library, Urbandale, IA
Found By leavesnbushes
Last Found Aug 27 2011
Hike Distance?

There are three stamps to find.

Go to the Urbandale Public library’s parking lot and find the three bronzed children in perpetual play. From here, take a compass heading of 315. Don’t drop off books and don’t get arrested, instead seek shelter. Going left out of the ladies restroom there is a short brown wall. Standing on it, walk to the end. Three trees line up looking southwest at 240. The third tree splits in two and you will find Snake in the crotch at waist height.

After fastidious rehiding, continue on the paved bike path heading south. After 5 minutes you will come upon Chuck’s tree garden. Find the statue of the old man reading to his granddaughter. This will be the launching point for you to find the other two stamps and the log book.

Looking at the statue, walk in the direction the girl’s right thumb is pointing till you come to the meeting of three paved paths. Take the southerly one just 22 steps, looking left for a huge but mostly buried chunk of limestone. This is where you enter the woods. Look for a pine tree next to a pile of large rocks. Under one of the medium rocks hides Bird.

Back at the statue now, follow the direction the girl’s left thumb is pointing, marching 55 steps to a big tree with a stone cube near. Beaver should be well buried under his nest just above eye level. Warning: this tree has large thorns, children should be attended, use a stick not your hand.

Now take a look at the old man’s suspenders. On his back they make a “V” that points just to the right of a tree that holds the log book, 32 steps away.

Thanks for hunting, and thanks for rehiding well.