Aruba Beach Series - Sunshine  LbNA # 55415 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateAug 21 2010
LocationThe Ruins, ARU
Planted ByAjan P's    
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Last EditedNov 16 2015

On your way to or from the Natural Bridge why not stop at the Ruins to catch some rays. Park your car and enter the ruins through the door at the right. Walk in the door and follow the natural path to the right. Walk all the way to the wall past the green shrubs on the left and go no further. Look to the right side of the wall at the corner of the wall where there is a large piece of beige “brain” coral (18”) touching the corner of the wall and blocking the view of your prize. You may have to climb a little because behind the coral under some other small rocks you will find your rays of sunshine. Keep them safe and don’t let anyone see you.