Mining for Gold Series (2)  LbNA # 5542

OwnerA-Bear (&J-Bear)    
Placed DateAug 31 2003
LocationWarren, ID
Found By The Dragon
Last Found Jul 25 2013
Hike Distance?

Last found, October 2006.

Placed by J&A-Bear.

Level of Difficulty: Moderate short hike up and down a hill.

Directions: From McCall take Warren Wagon Road/Route 21 north about 37 miles. After about 20 miles the road turns into a dirt road and curves around until you eventually come to the Warren Creek. The Chinese Cemetery Trail will be on your left about a mile past the creek. There is a sign that says 44.6 Auto Tour on your left just across from the airfield. Park here.

Note on the trail: Read the map at the start of the trail and realize that this path is less than a half a mile long. The trail is a little bit over grown (not impassible, just to the point that you sometimes canít tell which way is the trail), but as long as you study the map you can get an idea of how the trail goes. We wandered around a little bit trying to figure it out, but were able to find the signs at each point on the map. Itís easier once you see what Iím talking about.

Chinese Opium Pipe: Follow the sign up to the Cemetery. At the sign explaining the cemetery take the trail left and follow the fence up and around the Cemetery. When you reach the top of fence line where you will find both a tree and a small stump on its right, right of the small trail, stop. From here count 6 paces/12 steps to the dead log on the left. In its top smokes the Chinese Opium Pipe. Continue back down to the Cemetery Sign.

The Giant Monitor: From the Cemetery Sign, read the Ditch sign and then walk down the trail and down the first set of steps. Stop (if you walk down the 2nd set of steps youíve missed your turn). See the ditch on your right? Turn right and walk along this ditch (it is the trail only just a little overgrown these days). Continue in this direction until you reach the Giant sign. Turn left and see the small twin tree. At its base away from the sign lies the Giant Monitor. If you continue left along the rock trail you will find the next sign and then find your way out of there.

For further details on these letterboxes, drive through the small town of Warren and find the small information center on your right near the real Giant Monitor and the flag.