Urbandale  LbNA # 55430

Placed DateAug 19 2010
LocationUrbandale, IA
Found By Hawktwins2001
Last Found Jun 2 2012
Hike Distance?

Urbandale Letterbox (AKA McDivitt Letterbox)

Answer these questions three before beginning your search:
1.What is the first name of the resident lush on the NBC sitcom “The Office?”
2.Fill in the missing word:
When I can look Life in the eyes,
Grown calm and very coldly ______,
Life will have given me the Truth,
And taken in exchange – my youth.
3.Fill in the missing word:
Oh swiftly glides the bonnie boat,
Just parted from the shore,
And to the _______’s chorus-note,
Soft moves the dipping oar.

Heed these clues without fail
To find a box in fair Urbandale.
70th/Airline and 72nd/Prairie both share a name.
That of a man of modest fame.
If you know who it could be
And you answered questions three
Then begin on 70th Street northbound
Till it crosses the first answer you found.
Entering McDivitt, park right away,
Then begin to look every which way.
If you look east and look very clearly,
You’ll see the answer to the second query.
Stand at that spot and from there gallop north
Where a Knight will protect you henceforth.
OK, Hawkeye
A keen eye
Should spy
The guy
The guy
With the name
And modest fame
From the house and the school, yes the same.
Quick respects, then find his kin
They’re further on in.
When his family is within your reach
Head north, past the deserted Beach.
North until you find the word
That answers the question third.
Walking through the makers of beer,
You will find Lockner near.
Now search the wall near your feet
And your quest is nearly complete.