Idaho City  LbNA # 55441

Placed DateAug 30 2010
LocationIdaho City, ID
Found By Pet Lover
Last Found Oct 22 2010
Hike Distance?

Idaho City was once a great mining town. There are still old buildings left from the old mining days.
This building you are looking for was called the Pest House. Sick people were housed here. Later it became the jail.
From Highway 21 going through Idaho City, turn left onto Montgomery St. Follow this road until you find Wall St. Turn left and park in the parking area. This will allow you to walk around the town to see the sights.
Walk back to Montgomery St. and walk up the street along the old buildings on the left. Look for the "Pest House".
Around back, find the posts holding up the house. Under the house and behind the middle post leaning up against it, is the letterbox.
Please use stealth and caution. This is a high taffic area. When rehiding the letterbox, lean the box up sideways against the post to hide the box.