Howell You Get There?  LbNA # 55464

Placed DateSep 2 2010
LocationBelfair / Tahuya, WA
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This Letterbox may be available on other websites, except Atlasquest!

Did you bring picnic lunch? You might consider doing so, when going on this hunt!

In any case, follow these instructions and you should have a pleasant journey in the Tahuya/Mason County, WA. area.

1. - (4.5 Miles) - From the Bremerton National Airport on WA-3 go South to Belfair, WA.
2. - (0.2 Miles) - Turn Right at NE Old Clifton Rd (Safeway store on Right).
3. - (3.2 Miles) - Continue West through a 4-Way Stop near Bill Hunter Park onto WA-300.
4. - (0.3 Miles) - Continue West (QFC store on Left) onto NE North Shore Rd.
5. - (6.1 Miles) - Turn Right at NE Belfair - Tahuya Rd. and go up the hill.
6. - (0.8 Miles) - Slight Left at the "Y" (Go past Fire Station on Right - Park Entrance on Left).

Park your car to the left of the entrance and sign, so as to not block the gate. Next, walk around the gate and down the road to where you will see the 1st Information Sign and Restroom on the right. It was locked when I was there!

Continue down the road to the Second Information Sign and go behind it. Now walk 20 paces SSW, until you see a large Cement Slab.

Stand on the slab and again look SSW. There is a Slightly Steep Trail leading down towards the lake. When you get to the bottom of the trail, look for (3)Three Fir trees forming the Letter "W". What you seek is behind the middle of them.

After you have hopefully found it, please take your time to enjoy your surroundings and look for a picnic table, in case you brought a picnic lunch, or just have a rest before your return trip.

BTW, if you are also a Geocacher, there are plenty of geocaches out in this area to keep you busy for a very long time, not to mention other Letterboxes.