The First Task/Harry Potter  LbNA # 55497 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 3 2010
LocationOrlando, FL
Found By The Gamecock
Last Found Oct 14 2010
Hike Distance?

The First Task/Harry Potter

UPDATE: it has been reported to me that The First Task has gone missing. I suspect it was found and disposed of. Thank you all for keeping me updated! If you do happen to find it, please let me know.....

I was thunderstruck to find out not only would I be possibly the first to plant in the The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but that there were no letterboxes to be found in Universal Studios, Orlando. (We were able to find some great boxes in Disney, so this made us more determined than ever to try a plant!). Now, please understand, traveling via plane made it not too easy for the stamp carving – I was petrified to pack any knives or cutting tools- so I packed some basic box stuff and hoped I would be creative for a stamp when we got there. I call this a “reverse” stamp. It is actually a metal dog tag souvenir glued to an eraser. It stamps fairly well, but the trick seems to be sure to ink it up a lot to get a good stamp. If you do visit our box, please re-hide extremely well since I am not sure if boxes will survive well with the local security/groundskeeping. Also, drop us a line when you do find it and let us know how it is since we were on vacation and can’t keep checking the logbook or contents. Thank you!!

Now, onto “The First Task”. In the Harry Potter part of Islands of Adventure, Universal Studios, Orlando, FL, the roller coaster ride Dragon’s Challenge is based on the Triwizard’s Tournament’s first task to rescue a golden egg from one of four dragons (one for each champion). There are two roller coasters (the Hungarian Horntail and the Chinese Firebolt) that run simultaneously but did you know that the ride was originally called Dueling Dragons was one of Islands of Adventure's original attractions, opening with the theme park on May 28, 1999 in the park's The Lost Continent area? It may still be the only fully inverted dueling roller coaster in the world. The ride was themed to two dueling dragons, with one named Ice and the other named Fire.
Head to the Wizarding World via the Lost Continent entrance. However, before passing through the arches into Hogsmeade, look to your right for a small “Forbidden Forest” just after a Middle Eastern shop selling “Frozen Desserts”. Through the “forest” you can catch one of the few glimpses of the “dragons”. Tucked into the front, right corner of the forest, under lots of pine needles, is “The First Task”. There is a small section of tables across the main walkway (again, BEFORE you enter Hogsmeade) where you may comfortably stamp. Remember that many muggles are about, but you may need to worry about wizarding staff members more. Be discrete and rehide well! (a small spoon is next to the box to help with digging it back into place). Now enjoy some butterbeer and pumpkin juice!