RCMP Doesn't Mean the Mounties  LbNA # 55519 (ARCHIVED)

Owner4 little piggies    
Placed DateSep 5 2010
LocationBell Buckle, TN
Found By Knotty Lady
Last Found Apr 28 2012
Hike Distance?

RCMP Doesn't Mean the Mounties

RCMP Doesn’t Mean the Mounties!
Find a Peacock, and then it will be obvious where to “park.” Superboy is there with his trusty Lobster sidekick, and they are watching over things nicely. Walk down the brick path to get a good view of this statue. Walk NW to see a Red Lobster. , and a tulip frame to the right, and a merry-no-go-round. Walk on the path that leads toward the gazebo, and spot the merry-no-go-round, and beyond it a tulip frame. Head NW passing benches surrounded by quotations heading towards a small wood bridge. Stand on this bridge and look NNW to a rocky outcropping. On the farside is an inlet and under the lip of the largest hidden by smaller rocks.
Please be cautious of nonboxers, use stealth, and rehide box with care in its intended spot. Bring your own ink. Find reports are always greatly appreciated =)
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