Chisholm Trail - Salado, Texas  LbNA # 55522 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 5 2010
LocationSalado, TX
Found By zturtle
Last Found Aug 2 2011
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Salado, which means 'salty', is an old Tawakoni Indian settlement, although Paleo-Indian tribes were there even earlier. Bustillo y Ceballos probably stopped here, too. Originally called Salado Springs, it was settled in 1851 by Archibald Willingham and became a well-known stage stop on the Chisholm Trail. A stone wall was erected around the springs to keep the cattle out, since the springs supplied water for the town. Today it is a large, wide swimming hole behind a dam located downtown. One hundred years ago, the springs gushed so strongly that they produced a five-foot fountain. Between 1851 and 1868, eleven mills were built in Salado around the springs.

To find this letterbox from I-35 turn into the Stagecoach Inn entrance and circle around to the east side going towards the dining room. (College & Main St.) Before you get to the dining room you’ll find a little cottage on your right side. To the right or east side of this cottage is a gravel path. Begin walking on the gravel path and when it turns to the right go under the branch of a large pecan tree. Stop under the branch. If you’re in the correct spot, off to your left, about 10:00, you will see an old chuck wagon. Now look in the direction of about 1:00. The box is hidden behind the green landscape edging, and under a “heavenly bamboo” where another branch from the pecan tree rests on the rock retaining wall. Please hide back well!!!