Easier Than 123  LbNA # 55548

OwnerCamping Cousins      
Placed DateSep 5 2010
LocationLogan, OH
Found Bydoublewing (Attempted)
Last UpdateMar 15 2013


Easier Than 123

Hocking Hills State Park, Ash Cave

Once inside Ash Cave, go and stand under the waterfall. (While under the waterfall, look straight up and watch a single water drop fall all the way down...Pretty cool, huh?) Turn and look toward where the wooden steps begin. There are two large flat concrete slabs. The slab to the left is easier to find than "123". Your quest is located under this slab.

This hike will require you to do some climbing on slippery sand. Watch your step!

This is our group's first letterbox creation. We hope you enjoy the adventure!