Grasshopper Rock  LbNA # 55563

Placed DateSep 4 2010
LocationBath, ME
Found By sadie&russ
Last Found Oct 17 2010
Hike Distance?

Thorne Head Preserve

Drive north on High Street to the end of the road. This is the parking area for Thorne Head Preserve. From here the hiking trails are well marked. Take the Overlook Trail to the giant painted mushroom rock. This is about a 15 minute easy walk through the woods. From the mushroom rock, facing the river below, walk through the opening in the low rock wall. Once through, turn right and walk approx. 18 paces to a large flat rock that juts out next to a small oak tree. At the base of the oak tree you'll see a small rock. The letterbox is concealed behind the small rock and under the lip of the large flat rock. Be sure to replace the small rock and some leaves and twigs to well conceal the letterbox when you are finished.

We hope you enjoyed your walk through this beautiful preserve. Thank you for finding our letterbox. Send us a note if you get a chance to let us know how the box is.