She who watches...  LbNA # 55594

Placed DateSep 8 2010
LocationSt. Helens, OR
Found By Maiden1974
Last Found Jan 1 2012
Hike Distance?

A women had a house where the village of Nixluidix was later built. She was chief of all who lived in the region. That was a long time before Coyote came up the river and changed things and people were not yet real people.
After a time, Coyote, in his travels, came to this place and asked the inhabitants if they were well or ill. They sent him to their Chief who lived up on the rocks, where she could look down on the village and know what was going on.

Coyote climbed up to the house on the rocks & asked, "What kind of living do you give these people? Do you treat them well or are you one of those evil women?"

"I am teaching them to live well and build good houses," she said.

"Soon the world will change," said Coyote, "and women will no long be chiefs." Then he changed her into a rock with the command, "You shall stay here & watch over the people who live here."

All the people know that Tsagaglalal sees all things, for whenever they are looking at her those large eyes are watching them.

To find her look for the Blue Columbia Nature trail sign at the intersection of Forest Park Drive and N. 6th street. Walk down the gravel trail until you find the Blue Left hand arrow sign. Two steps behind this sign, she lies at the base of a large fir tree, hidden amongst the ivy.

The Box is covered in a knit camo cover, please replace it as found, there are a lot of kids that play in this area.