What's For Breakfast?  LbNA # 55618

Placed DateApr 13 2010
LocationNew Market, AL
Planted Bywillys ranch 4    
Found By team schwantes
Last Found Feb 22 2011
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What's For Breakfast?

The first thing my son learned to cook was bacon & eggs. It is his favorite breakfast. So when it came time for him to make his first carve, he knew what he wanted to make. He drew the pattern and carved it on his very first try.

We chose Sharon Johnston Park because our son loves to watch the waterfall here.

When you find Sharon Johnston Park, go to the 2nd entrance on the left. As you enter make a U turn to park near the stone entrance column. Stand next to the Southeast corner of the stone structure. Take a reading of 180 degrees and walk 100 steps to the tree that is about 2/3 of the way up the hill.. On the back side of the tree you will find the perfect spot for this micro box.

Watch for bugs and this will probably be tricky if the ground is wet.

Happy Hunting