Two in the bush  LbNA # 55637

Placed DateSep 7 2010
LocationHuntsville, TX
Found ByWalksfar
Last UpdateJul 19 2014
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is hidden in the Hunstville State Park. Start at the Chinquapin trailhead near campsite 107. Walk on the trail until it forks, you can see a bridge on the right. Stop at the threshold of the bridge and look over your right shoulder 90 degrees, you'll see two trees right in front of one another. The one in front is forked and smaller. The one in back is a pine. Walk 13 or so paces towards those trees and look in between them, nestled under pine needles is a little nest between the trees with our birds well hidden. Have fun!
UPDATE: The forked tree fell down and so the box has moved slightly behind the original location. From the bridge, look right and you'll see 7 large pine trees in a 2-2-3 formation (the forked tree was fallen in front of this group when we repositioned). Go to the back three pine trees. Between the middle pine tree and the one on your right is the "nest" of sticks covered with forest debris.