Book of Kells II  LbNA # 55649

OwnerMaire's Facets    
Placed DateSep 12 2010
CountyNew London
LocationMystic, CT
Found By quiltjoy
Last Found Apr 23 2017
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The Book of Kells is an illuminated manuscript, in Latin, of the four Gospels of the New Testament. Transcribed by Celtic monks in about 800 A.D. it includes human, animal and mythical beasts together with celtic knots and interlacing patterns in vibrant colors, along with masterful western calligraphy. The artistry is unparalleled, incredibly inticate and took 75 years to complete. It is widely regarded as Irelands national treasure. This is my second set of stamps with this theme.

Location: Beebe Pond Park on Noank Road (Route 215) and the corner of Fishtown Road, in Mystic,CT.

Park in the area designated off the road and walk up to your right to the area with the picnic table. Spy the trail ahead, past the table to the trail marker. Take the trail to your right. Wander along this path, through a boulder field past a faint trail on your right. The trail will curve off to the left. Continue on until you spot a thin, crooked base tree, just off the trail, next to a rock, on your left. Stop and walk around the boulder and large oak tree behind this thin tree and spot a dark brown tree leaning toward the trail. The Falcon stamp lies here at it's base. Please rehide well.

Return to the trail and continue on. At the T in the trail, turn right and follow the blue trail. (This trail will, counter-clock wise, circle the pond.) Follow this very rocky trail, over a dry stream and through a stone wall. Pass an old, large, clumpy hairy, tree. Continue on blue, past a painted, large boulder, on the right, with a firepit. (Hint: Hope you brought clues to a Celestrial series with you too). Continue on, through a rock wall and turn left, again following the blue trail. There may be a fallen tree in the path you must climb over, then follow along, over some "mini" bridges and a longer, sturdier one too. You will come to an interesting, large concave boulder on the path. Stop here and check out the carved tree and stars and shoes above. The trail continues on, to the right, after the boulder, but pay close attention here, BEFORE the trail turns to the left, STOP. Note the large, flat top boulder ahead with a faint path leading to it. Walk toward this boulder and rock wall and spy "The Dog" in a cave, low in the stonewall, left of the boulder. Stamp in and rehide well.

Return to the trail and continue on blue, over more rocks and large boulders with the pond on your left. You will come to an outlet for the pond, which you must forge. Once over this outlet, you will turn right, away from the pond, at the intersection, to return to your car. On your way, note the ruins of an old mill and dam that once operated here, on your right. I don't know the history of this site, yet. I have searched, but to no avail. Someone did alot of hard work to build this though. Hope you enjoyed your hike.