Indian Store  LbNA # 55652

OwnerThe Brady Bunch!    
Placed DateSep 12 2010
CountyVan Buren
LocationPikeville, TN
Found By fanoflucy
Last Found Mar 13 2013
Hike Distance?

Indian Store

On the North end of Fall Creek Falls Entrance from Highway 30, you will go about2 miles. You will see Penny's General Store on your right and across the road will be Ivy lane and "The Indian Village Trading Post" Pull into the parking lot and go inside. The owners are great and know the box is here. Enter into the beautiful displays of Indian Art from around the country. Go right when inside and see the LARGE EAGLE wooden carving and all the chickens on the top shelf. Then you will see Indian blankets and jackets. Look for all the knives on your left in the glass counter. Continue on around the counter to your left and find Gorgeous Turquoise!!! Wow! Now look straight ahead to that hollow log and here is where you will find your feather treasure. Now you can go back and really shop!! ENJOY *_*