Goth Sun Moon  LbNA # 5568

Placed DateSep 6 2003
LocationGreen Bank, NJ
Found By Beau Geste
Last Found Nov 22 2009
Hike Distance?

Personally checked, April 15, 2006 – safe and sound
~@~@~@~ new log book replaced ~@~@~@~


Somewhere off Route 563 by mile marker #30 is the famous Batona Trail. Park by the Batona Trail sign. From the sign proceed at 120 degrees on foot taking the Batona Trail. The Batona Trail is clearly marked with pink blazes. For this hunt you will have to walk approximately 0.35 miles. This is often called the Evans Bridge portion of the trail. For the walking portion of this hunt in the warmer months, you will need bug repellant .

Enjoy your views of the low-lying swamp areas and ponds as you hike the Batona, which literally means BA(back) TO(to) NA(nature). WATCH for King snakes, gardener snakes and pine snakes on this trail. Haven’t seen a rattlesnake yet, but take caution. Be careful of wild animals.

You will cross a fallen tree in the path and a bridge ahead of that. Now you are getting close. Keep alert where the path “Y’s” off. At the “Y” take the trail at 180 degrees (you are getting off the Batona Trail here). 25 paces to the big pine tree shaped like a “Y”. From there, take 20 paces at 150 degrees to the fallen pine tree. From there walk 4 paces at 285 degrees and look at the base of the tree. You will find what you came for. Thank you for stamping in. Please return it to it’s proper resting spot and please cover well. Thank you.

Always proceed at your discretion. The owner of this letterbox assumes no responsibility for your actions or any occurrence to you or your company on this hunt. Please remember you are in a state forest. Remember pack in pack out your trash and only you can prevent forest fires. Treat this forest as if it were your home. Tread lightly.
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