Dionysus.  LbNA # 55728

OwnerOtis' Friends    
Placed DateSep 18 2010
LocationTitusville, NJ
Found By Wii Wanderers
Last Found Nov 27 2010
Hike Distance?

At PSCW reversed, from the northernmost intersection of red dot and blue dot, follow the blue dot trail north down the hill, passing a wicked cool spring house on your left that is a bit overgrown. Cross the bridge that is forbidden to horses and climb the shale steps carved into the side of the hill. Turn left at the top and walk through the cedar stand. Pass a cul-de-sac on your left. There will be a trail marker on your right with a person on it. Follow the trail into the woods. Just after the second trail marker on the right after the one noted above, there is a V tree just off to the right. If you get to a tree slanting to the right and over the trail, you've gone too far. Approximately 10 paces at 100 degrees from the V tree to another V tree with blueish tint. 240 degrees to stump and SPOR.

It bears repeating, so I'm repeating it. Please snap all four corners shut and recover well.

P.S. Dionysus would like to apologize for the overlong Maenad subplot on True Blood. He is in the public domain and has no control over how he is fictionally depicted.