Triple Falls/Little Egypt/The Blue Hole  LbNA # 55748

OwnerThe Brady Bunch!    
Placed DateSep 19 2010
LocationLafollette, TN
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Triple Falls/Little Egypt/The Blue Hole

This Box is hidden at a site that was once known as the Blue Hole, when there was only one falls. With serious flooding to the community below the falls after heavy rains, the falls and stream were reconstructed to create a more controlled stream as you see it now. The three falls were cut from the mountain of rock that you see at the bottom of what is known as the Devil's Racetrack. You can ask different people and get different answers as to what this is called. I have heard Little Egypt (why? I don't know!) The Blue Hole, because the water is blue at the bottom of the falls and so cold, you will be blue when you come out!! And The Triple Falls, because now there are three falls. I just call it Supercalifragilisticexpialidocous!!!!!

Directions to site:
Go to Cove Lake State Park and turn onto PARK ROAD. (not by the restaurant) Stay on Park road for a little over one mile. You will cross over Bruce Gap Road. Continue on past the mobile home park and turn left onto SHELTON HOLLOW ROAD. (this is a dead end) Curve thru the large evergreens and park by the large boulders on your right. The ones that idiots have felt compelled to paint there lovely names on!!!

Follow the trail up by the creek that will be flowing on your right. When you see the large concrete culvert on your right, just stay to left on the trail. The trail will take you up to the Falls. If it has been raining a lot, you will hear them long before you see them!!! When you get to the top falls, you will see a wooden bridge that crosses the stream. Cross the bridge. At the end of the bridge count 25 to 30 steps to the triple trunk tree on your left. You will find the water treasure behind the trees hidden under rocks. *_*
After you have found your water treasure, cross back over the bridge and turn right. You will continue up the trail and see another water fall that contributes to the large stream you just crossed. ENJOY!!!

>>Remember to always be discreet and to make sure the box is rehidden well