Fairy Dust  LbNA # 55755

Placed DateSep 19 2010
CountyNew London
LocationColchester, CT
Found By ThreeWolves
Last Found Sep 12 2017
Hike Distance?

This letterbox is very easy and excellent for kids. Located just over a mile west from the Colchester(Bull hill rd) Airline trail entrance(Take your bikes for a nice little ride!). Cross over the causeway, come to the 2 mile marker and then it’s around 600 ft. to a path on the right. Look for stacked stone markers to lead the way(300 ft up the trail and look to the right).
We love building fairy houses. Our family wanted to create a letterbox together along with our very own fairy house. We hope that you enjoy seeing the fairy house, and would love it if you would help with the upkeep, or add your own materials to make it better! Just remember to follow the rules of the woods when you are making a fairy house. We learned this from the book, Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane. The rules are: You may build houses small and hidden for the fairies, but please do not use living or artificial materials. Our girls love making fairy houses wherever we go, and we hope this starts a new activity for your family. Please add to or improve the fairy house. We chose easy terrain, and a logical hiding spot so that children could participate completely in this cache! Have a great time...
In a dark safe place, near, but not in the fairy house! Low to the ground so that a child could find it.