Cherry Tree on Cherry Lane  LbNA # 55757

OwnerQuarry Quest    
Placed DateFeb 26 2012
LocationF.A. Seiberling Nature Realm, Akron, OH
Found By Miss Tuba
Last Found Apr 27 2014
Hike Distance?

Welcome to the F.A. Seiberling Nature Realm. The park is located 1828 Smith Road in Akron, Ohio. The trail is 1.0 miles long and rated "easy". There are restroom facilities available. Dogs are not permitted on the trails. F.S. Seiberling trail is one offered by the MetroParks Hiking Spree. So, you can fulfill a hiking requirement and find a letterbox on the same cool is that?

The 104 acre Nature Realm includes a 10,000 sq. foot visitors center. If you have the time, please visit, it is very worthwhile. The park has several gardens, the herb garden is especially interesting. There are two ponds and a tall-grass prairie. The park is open from 6-11PM and the visit Center's hours are:
Tues/Wed/Sat from 10 - 5PM
Thurs/Fri 10 - 7PM
Sunday 12 - 5PM
usually closed on Mondays. Call for details: 330-865-8065

F.A. Seiberling donated more than 400 acres to expand the Sand Run Metropark. Land he owned from 1920-1948 was purchased in 1964 to become the Nature Realm Park. He founded Goodyear Tire and Rubber Company in 1898. The company produced bicycle and carriage tires and then captured the automobile tire business. The Nature Realm is a special use area set aside for the study and enjoyment of nature.

Enter the parking lot off Smith Road and proceed to the Cherry Lane/Fernwood trails. As you walk along, listen to the sounds of the birds and the note the grand variety of trees. Follow the trail until you come upon a suppension bridge. This bridge is fascinating. One of my very favorite places. Stop and enjoy the view. When you reach the end of the bridge, turn right and continue along the trail. (We used to have a box right about here called "The Hole Sycamore Tree" but if you look to your right, the tree has fallen over into the george.) Continue on the Cherry Lane trail. You will see a pond straight ahead stop at the trail marker just as the trail bends to the right. Look to your left and approximately 65 feet into the woods you will see a wild cherry tree that looks like it has 3 trunks. As you move closer, you will see that it actually had 4!! Behind the trunks, you will find the box. Be stealth and careful getting to the tree, the box is hidden under some debris at the back Be sure to return the box with the bag sealed so that others can enjoy.

Now, complete the rest of the trail, this is truely a nature study area. As you return to your car, again, consider stopping at the visitor's center and the herb garden. Or maybe just sit on the observation deck and marvel at mother nature.
It is enjoyable in all seasons. And now you have done another trail for the Fall Hiking Spree and found a letterbox cool is that?