Green Eyed Monster  LbNA # 55824 (ARCHIVED)

Placed DateSep 25 2010
LocationUrbana, OH
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Green Eyed Monster

Green Eyed Monster

This Champaign County Letter Box is found nine miles northwest of Urbana , Ohio in Davey Woods. Take Rt. 36 west from the square in Urbana for 8 miles to Neal Rd. Go north on Neal Rd. for 1 mile and turn left on Smith Rd. Go ½ mile to Lonesome Rd. Turn right on Lonesome Rd. and proceed for 2 tenths of a mile. You will find a small parking lot on the left for Davey Woods.

As you enter Davey Woods you need to be aware of the legend of the Green Eyed Monster. Davey Woods has been known as the home of the Green Eyed Monster for many years. He welcomes you to his woods and asks that you enjoy the beauty of his home. He also asks that you respect his home. You probably will not see him during your visit but I can assure you that he will see you. He invites you to find his letter box and his stamp. But for those who do not respect this land and his home, you can expect the Green Eyed Monster to follow you home and …………………..well, let’s just say it won’t be pleasant.

To find the box, follow the wide trail into the woods until you come to the bridge. As you cross the bridge, count the number of hand rail posts on the right side only. You will need to know this number later along the trail.

After crossing the bridge take the trail straight ahead and to the right. At the next intersection take the trail to the right. This is the Conrad Trail. Follow this trail for approximately ½ mile until you find a small bridge.

You need to stand in the middle of this bridge and find your compass heading of 210 degrees. Do you remember the number of handrail posts on the first bridge? Take that number of paces ( a pace is aprox. 36 inches.) at the heading of 210 degrees.

The box is in a small hollow place in the bottom of a tall tree.

After you have reset the box, continue along the trail. It is an easy hike and the trail brings you back to where you started. You will also pass a small grave yard where there are three head stones. Remember to be respectful because the Green Eyed Monster is watching. We hope to plant another letter box in this area soon.